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18 September 2014 @ 12:05 am
Taeyang's Life is Hard, but not as Hard as Seungri's  

We begin on a day like any other, just as how all other days for Big Bang go, where Taeyang is basking in G-Dragon's presence and thinking happy thoughts.

Meanwhile Seungri is the maknae, which means he doesn't get to have sex with anyone and Taeyang manages not one, but two casual points of contact with GD.

Seungri, depressed, loses so much weight that his T-Shirts no longer fit him. The band takes him out to ice cream to remedy this. Taeyang plays it cool even when GD totally touches him a lot and keeps his hand in his pocket so he doesn't put it around GD's waist. Daesung catches their reflection in the camera lens and worries about how fake Seungri's smile is - clearly he is planning to not eat any of the ice cream.

TOP pulls Seungri back from GD because, seriously, maknae, Taeyang is having a moment and you're not invited. (Seungri's shirts fit him again, so Daesung stops worrying about him.)

Because last time Seungri didn't get the hint and it made Taeyang and GD look super awkward for the whole photoshoot.

Seungri is finally clued in around the time he has to be sandwiched between the two of them and it's his turn to look incredibly awkward. Was it really necessary for Taeyang to reach around him on both sides to try to touch GD? Really?? (Daesung is just worried Taeyang is going to fall over. Did he eat enough today??)

But Taeyang's efforts NOT to touch GD were just weird looking, so whatever. (Daesung is angry at the photographers for keeping them so late when GD is clearly sick and/or tired. Do they not have hearts or souls???)

Luckily the next time Seungri is sandwiched between the two of them TOP is there, too, so Seungri can play it cool and just ignore how super obvious Taeyang is (Daesung is just happy everyone else is happy).

Seriously, he's getting really good at ignoring the longing/hurt looks when GD coordinates his look with someone else.

In fact, Seungri even wingmangs for Taeyang once or twice, and it WORKS. Just play it cool, Taeyang, my man. Seungri, greatest guy ever, has got this.

After more flirtation and several more points of "casual" contact....

Taeyang gets the guy!! Or at least, some sort of threesome situation with TOP. Meanwhile, all Seungri gets is some old white guy's arm around his shoulder.

Also, the next day Taeyang is back to being moody because there's a backpack between him and GD. Seriously, Taeyang?? Seungri is through with this shit. Daesung can step up and handle it, because it looks like he's finally noticed what's going on.
 photo Big-Bang-kiba16-33201251-1280-1024_zpsffce43f9.jpg

Taeyang's life is hard, but not as hard as Seungri's.
Not cops, just hicksglovered on September 18th, 2014 02:30 pm (UTC)
I like your conclusion. Also, seungri/that guy otp...how unfortunate!
Lord Peter Wimsey: Agnus!!shifty_gardener on September 19th, 2014 12:34 am (UTC)
Re: like
Sorry, your ship is canon but maybe dubcon.

The second picture just kills me. How else could you interpret that??
Not cops, just hicks: stone and seaglovered on September 23rd, 2014 07:12 pm (UTC)
Re: like