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17 September 2014 @ 10:51 pm
Korean Music, as Sung by Dudes (and a Few Ladies)  
A lot of these songs are going to be hella old, and some of them will be new and shiny. A few will even be in between. If you want a song or an MV off this list, it's very likely I will be able to provide it.

Sorry about the sparkle text guys, it's late at night and it kind of got away from me.
Kitchen dancing singles
Who knows who this dude is, but this song is also in english by some guy named david craig. For some reason it was one of the first korean songs we had, and Rachel and I used to make people have a song-length dance party to it in our kitchen.
I know nothing about SS501, but Rachel and her roommates really liked this song because the side guy from Boys Over Flowers (the main dude from Mischevious Kiss) is in it. This song is like a font of happy feelings, even if it looks like a car commercial. Rachel probably likes it because all of the dudes look super Japanese to me, style-wise.

Random singles I'd listen to a lot without caring about the people behind themWhen this came out, the white-blond hair and unnaturally straight line of his bangs/bob were actually really shocking. The style of this vid was a really huge deal and a gamechanger for KPop. Unrelatedly, Melanie loves GDragon for his genderqueerness, and if you look at the dance/clothing/filming styles, in the first half of the vid everything he does and wears is very feminine, and in the second half it's very masculine. The song itself is very catchy, which is why I listened to it so much.This song is both beautiful and catchy. One of my friends in the dorms learned it on the piano and another one taught me the dance. There is a lovely piano mashup with another song here.Imo this is fun to headbop to. Rachel doesn't like it much, though.The lyrics to this are super pedo, but I don't even care, my brain gets happy when I hear the first notes of this song. There is enough English to to sing randomly (this song is where I learned what "MVP" meant) and you get to see Taemin at his littlest!

DBSK aka TVXQ aka THSK aka my first and always love (okay, maybe first is actually BoA, but that's the bonus section)"That song title is crazy long," you are thinking to yourself. Let me tell you, it gets more ridiculous from here. In English, it's "Why Have I Fallen in Love With You." I found a song with that title on my computer and thought it was so ridiculous I had to click on it for irony's sake. And that is how I trolled myself into the world of KPop. Because this song is incredibly catchy and, being in Japanese, served as the perfect gateway drug to Korea. This song is why Rachel randomly sings "Douuuushiiiteeeee" to herself.
Mirotic (2008)
DBSK's best single, and also a really great MV. Also Junsu's arms. I don't even need to explain who that is to you, because you will probably notice his arms in this video. Simon and Martina occasionally mention how this is the best MV in all of Kpop on EAK.
I love this song, and I really like the colors in this video (also on the Mirotic CD).
An older single of theirs I really like, but is probably objectively ridiculous. Changmin is hella dapper in this MV, and the purple is great. Also, yes, in the beginning that guy really did say in English, "I really wanna touch myself." And yes, he lived in America, so he knows what it means.
Balloons (2006)
DBSK dances around in animal suits and attack one another and penguins while smiling manically. There are random children in the video because those are supposed to be themselves when they were kids.
Choosey Lover (Click at your own risk) (2007)
If you didn't think you could be more shocked/horrified than how you felt when you clicked on Balloons, here you go, and I'm sorry. Ridiculous funk I actually love with every inch of my soul. Because it grew on me. Like a fungus.
Further listening: Love in the Ice (a ballad, but I loooove it) (2007), Stand by U (reminiscent of Alicia Keys' "No One") (2009), Summer Dream (2007), Survivor (2009)
Songs from some of their albums that are undeniably cheesy but always get stuck in my head and I secretly love, okay?!: Crazy Love (catchy and mild) (2008), Hey! Girl (2006), Flower Lady (2008)

Super Junior. I have two posters of this band, lol. They are 100% ridiculous and, according EAK, all super laid-back and chill. I think the secret to their greatness is that they don't seem to take themselves too seriously.
You said you know most of their singles, but I'm not sure how far back you mean, so I'm going to put a few singles here as well the non-singles I like.Classic Super Junior, and probably their most popular single. Ignore the weird beginning thing.
Don't Don (2007)
(okay, so I really included this for time capsule purposes. Click to lol at old style kvideos)
One of their earlier popular singles, and surprisingly only like an eighth as horrifying as DBSK's Tri.angle (2004). In fact, this is basically on par with DBSK's Rising Sun (2005). Heechul legit looks exactly like Reno from Final Fantasy here. But then, can a song actually be terrible if there's violin in it? Not really.
It's You (2009)
I have zero feelings about this video (other than "A wild Kibum has appeared!" - dude disappeared into an acting career and when he tried to come back briefly, he got injured before he could join them touring) but I love this song.
Super Girl (2009)
This is actually a Super Junior M song (and thus in Mandarin and with less members - suju m has since gotten bigger and lost Hankyung in recent years, but whatever) and I LOVE IT, possibly because it came out just as college started and was the only kpop my friends would listen to, because they were Chinese.

Chill, non-singles that aren't ballad-y despite being low energy: Reset (best when sung along to soulfully in a car) (2009), Monster (2009), Why I Like You (slightly more upbeat than the other two) (2009)

Epik High. They're mostly rap and the band of Rachel's heart. Tablo is the main songwriter/singer and all of the songs have ~messages~. Most of these songs have women in the videos/singing with them because it's kt who gave them to me originally and she loves emo ladies.
Fan (2007)
This is my favourite song by them, because it's so creepy and I love the colors and I also just love the song. If you read the lyrics, it's about celebrity culture.
One (2008)
Rachel and Sarah's favourite Epik High song. If you haven't heard it as Rachel's ringtone in the past, I'd be surprised.
Umbrella ft. Younha (2008)
A pretty, atmospheric song that's nice to listen to when you're in a quiet mood or it's raining.
One Minute, One Second ft. Taru (2009)
Another chill song. This has a cool video.
Love, Love, Love ft Dara (2007)
Slightly more upbeat than the ones above, also with a female artist.

Big Bang
G-Dragon helped write all of these songs, I'm pretty sure.
Haru Haru (2008)
This is the song I kept running into when people told me to get into Big Bang, and it was a little too...intense? for me. It starts out with dudes in eyeliner being all up in each other's faces and I was like, WOAH, CALM DOWN, THIS IS NOT HOW I LIKE MY HOMOEROTICISM, and then there's, like, sad stuff, and yeah. That said, I always liked the song and would randomly listen to it even though I wasn't getting involved with BB. Notable features of this vid: GD wears a headband and the main girl is in the drama Sungkyunkwan Scandal.
Love Song (2011)
This song is soooo pretty, even if the vid is kind of boring. TOP is in a suit, though, and is dapper as usual. Taeyang and GD's voices are beautiful here. Don't look up the lyrics if you don't want to be depressed.
Blue (2012)
I love how chill this song is. It could pass as non-kpop, I feel. Apparently this was filmed right around where and when Melanie lived in NYC, which made her really sad to know, haha.Entertainingly enough, this came out around the same time of Super Junior M's Super Girl (which is above). The two videos have the opposite moral message. I really want this dude's geeky clothing.
In Heaven (2009)
This is oooooold and in Japanese. Somehow I find GD more beautiful here than I do when he's being super androgynous.
(okay I thought this was really old, but apparently it isn't? this proves I know nothing about BB)

Further listening: Monster (click if you want to see some hilariously bad style choices) (2009), Tonight (catchy, but forgettable) (2011), Fantastic Baby (S sent this to you, I think) (2012), Somebody to Love (2011)

SoloistsThis song is ridiculous, because clearly Taeyang desperately wants you to know that no, really, he likes girls. That said, I like the dance and came to really like the song over time. G-Dragon is in this video, which is cute, because when we were looking at Big Bang merchandise in Paris, I found four separate pictures from different photoshoots where Taeyang was looking over to where ever G-Dragon was and smiling in a younger sibling/adorable puppy manner, like so.This is by a guy that used to be in DBSK, who is a crazy good singer, a v good dancer, is ridiculously sincere in everything he does and is like a ball of sunshine. Words cannot convey how lovely of a person Junsu is. Another one of his songs (2012) is about a Harry Potter spell, and is pretty, uh, intense, because as EAK likes to say, he is exploring his sessuality.
Crooked by G-Dragon (2013)
Apparently there are a few words that would mean "Crooked" in Korean, but GD chose to use the one that also means gay. This video is about him being a troubled and confused British punk.
Crayon by G-Dragon (2012)
This is really crazy. According to Melanie the message is, think outside of heteronormative gender lines!The symbolism in this vid is what makes it great, and the song isn't super catchy but it's solid. The song is about how he's at his fans' mercy and he has this shiny white public image but that's what put him in a mental institution for a little while (irl, not in the video) and at the end he manages to ~break free and have sincere desires again. Or something. Idk, go watch the video. It's really cool. The white tree is supposed to be the same apple tree as the one in Heartbreaker, and the outfits he's destroying are all from his previous MVs.Another ex-DBSK member *single lonely tear*. Dude has basically become a jrock artist that happens to sing in Korean, but given how his vocals worked super well for DBSK's japanese songs, I am not surprised in the least. Rachel loves this man and this kind of music. There is a really funny EAK on this video.I don't know if I love this because it's a good song or if it's because the chorus was playing in every shop I went to in Seoul while I was visiting. If the latter is what it is, it worked, because I love this song.
Strong Baby by Seungri ft G-Dragon (2008)
Idk man. I'm helpless to how catchy I find this song.I know basically nothign about this band/dude/whatever except for the fact that it's always been lurking in the background. Katie's friend Jess sang this song all the time at karaoke in Seoul so I love it. Also it's a pretty song (the other song Jess sang a lot was Love Song, which is also really pretty, so clearly she just has discerning taste).

Royal PiratesI know nothing about these dudes, but I like this song - listen at least until the chorus, because it's really catchy! This song is also available in fluent English. These dudes are from SF.

Kwon BoA aka Beat of Angel, the actual thing that started it all, the band a friend of mine was obsessed with since we were in 5th grade
But really, BoA is the thing that started it all for KPop, as well. She is the equivalent of Britney Spears.
Oh my god, my 90's heart. Just. So much happiness, here. By now I can tell that her Japanese accent is terrible, but whatever.
Number 1 (2002)
I was dragged to some concert in a bar in Seoul by Katie and her friend, and the guy band played this as an encore and I flipped. out. It was fantastic. So that leads me to believe this was one of her more popular songs...?
Eat You Up (2008)
This will be stuck in your head forever, and is all in non-cringe worthy English. For the most part. You'll be too busy singing the chorus to yourself to care.This is a v recent video (there's a funny EAK for it) and has Taemin in it! You can hear the old BoA style in the song even as it sounds much more contemperary.

Further listening (all of these songs are equally amazing as the ones above, if not more so): Milky Way (2003), Amazing Kiss (2001), Atlantis Princess (love the song, hate the video) (2003), Next Step (2002)... this list could go on for a while, so I'll stop here.