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28 December 2013 @ 09:10 pm
recs of things for Alex  
! = episodic
# = not many people have watched (so don't expect to find people you can discuss this with)
& = British
^ = more than one female main character
. = more than one non-white main character
- = addictive, must-watch-the-next-episode type show. I dare you to try to not marathon these.
TV shows are sorted by length, shortest to longest

Straight Sci-Fi/Fantasy:
.^Firefly - a space western that's also a huge metaphor for the South after the Civil War (although not necessarily a thing you'd think about unless someone pointed it out)
-^ Orphan Black - a thriller. watch this immediately, you won't regret it. only 12 eps so far!
.!^Sleepy Hollow
-&^Game of Thrones
.^Avatar: the Last Airbender
!X-Files (will take you forever, kind of meandering and pointless, shouldn't watch past season 6)

Ensemble shows with a vague premise that are action-y but are also dramatic and funny in turn:
#Visiteur du Futur/The Visitor from the Future - french webseries, turns out to be muuuuuuuuuch more than it appears
!#^Leverage - I have never fallen for cast so quickly. This show is pure greatness - every episode is the episode you eventually get in a show once you've waited a few seasons, where the characters pretend they're someone else to con someone. Each character is a very different person, but they all work together really well and bits of the past come out bit by bit
.^Stargate Atlantis - shameless spinoff of stargate-1, but with AMAZING writers. will make you like it even though you're like wtf why do I like this??

&^BBC Pride and Prejudice
-^The second season of Teen Wolf - women that actually get stories and arcs! The first season is kind of dumb, the third season is just plain terrible (in writing, filming and cgi-wise)
^The Lizzie Bennet Diaries - ALL on Youtube - do it now! Pride and Prejudice but as webisodes
.!^Grey's Anatomy (seasons 1 & 2)
!^Bones (seasons 1 & 2) - a badass forensic scientist solves crime and doesn't let other people tell her who she's supposed to be and has hilarious/awesome coworkers. an fbi dude tags along as well.
-^Battlestar Galactica - a soap opera/political drama/theological and philosophical debate/military drama disguised as sci-fi. You will love and hate every character.
!*Supernatural - tragic beautiful and great. Two brothers being deeply codependent. *episodic for the first three seasons
-^Revenge - like the count of monte christo, great fashion, very intense and soap opera-y but GREAT. Only watch seasons 1-5.
!^The West Wing - characters we love, speaking quickly and being sarcastic and always trying to do the Right Thing

#&Spy - a guy accidentally gets hired by the government to be a spy after being a bit of an office drone/bum but can't tell his precocious son he has joint custody of and wants to impress. The first season is only 6 episodes!!
A Very Potter Musical - meta mishmash of the HP books where Dumbledore doesn't know what a Hufflepuff is, Cho Chang is Southern and Draco Malfoy is played by a girl that rolls around on the ground. Can all be found on Youtube! Harry Potter is played by Darren Criss (and then ended up on Glee)
#&Black Books - an alcoholic misanthropic irishman owns a bookshop in england. he has a friend and an assistant. painfully funny (by which I mean, so funny that I laughed so hard once I thought I was going to hurt myself. in reality, I'd been getting a sinus infection and the pain was unrelated)
&The IT Crowd - a woman says she knows computers on her resume and ends up being put in charge of the IT department of a company. In exchange for the two tech nerds not ratting her out, she agrees to help them with their social lives. I've cried laughing while watching this.
^Arrested Development - weird, awkward humor where jokes are carried through entire seasons and everyone is kind of a terrible person
^30 Rock - Tina Fey is a workaholic writer for a tv show and is taken under the wing of the new CEO guy, who decides to be her life coach. Hijinks and overly dramatic actors ensue.
.^Futurama - a dumb guy is accidentally frozen and ends up in NYC 1000 years in the future, where many things are remarkably the same. Made by the people that did The Simpsons.
#&Jeeves and Wooster - a british fop in early 1900s england has a butler that solves all of his problems

Shamelessly bromantic:
.!Elementary - slow-paced Sherlock. Believe me when I say, the Sherlock they chose really grows on you.
!Suits (seasons 1 + 2) - Lawyer dude and his trusty sidekick, who sekritly hasn't been to law school and is an ex-stoner.
.!Hawaii Five-O - a cop show in which nothing has any consequences ever, the main dudes' relationship goes from 0 to 60 after the first episode, and their two coworkers are f a b u l o u s and sit and are mature in the background. I showed this to a friend once and she told me she would never trust my taste in TV again, so objectively this is a pretty terrible show.

Jurassic Park
Pride and Prejudice
Good Omens

The Fall
Pan's Labyrinth
Hot Fuzz
calmingcupoftea: genie for youcalmingcupoftea on December 31st, 2013 06:42 am (UTC)
A++ reqs

All of these things are excellent!