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Rom-Com List:

Yeah You Betcha!
Window Wonderland - heart

Burn After Reading
Mrs. Miracle - pine tree
A Princess for Christmas - vintage china for looking british but clearly made in america & sad perfect memory sara connor
The Other End of the Line - half-eaten piece of pie for not doing us the courtesy of even living up to its cover.

The Blacklist
Christmas Lodge - korean poop emoji (but Rachel's single-use royal pardon tiara emoji for inexplicable love of actress)
The Perfect Man - skull and cross-bones for everything horrifying; stay far away at all costs
17 September 2014 @ 10:51 pm
A lot of these songs are going to be hella old, and some of them will be new and shiny. A few will even be in between. If you want a song or an MV off this list, it's very likely I will be able to provide it.

Sorry about the sparkle text guys, it's late at night and it kind of got away from me.
Without further ado...Collapse )

Less Lulzy BandsCollapse )
14 September 2014 @ 01:33 pm
Per the request of shifty_gardener:
pics below~Collapse )
I've been listening to a lot of kpop at work recently (for many reasons) but mostly because I want to get into more groups! So right now I am working on girl groups.

(I'm also sorry kpop is going through a "sexy" phase right now -facepalm-)

Here are some:
-throws girl groups at you with MV links-Collapse )
26 May 2014 @ 08:48 pm
I somehow ended up on fanvids today, and several of them were amazing. Not amazing technically, but more like, I had no idea wtf this lyricist was smoking when I listened to this song before I watched these vids, but now everything makes sense. Idk if I've been drinking too much (tea), am just generally impressionable rn, or if this is the GOLDEN TRUTH, but there you have it.

Also these were just as poignant (read: will kick you in the feels), but the songs feel less ridiculously specific to me:

Current Mood: crying about it